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My work background is Quality Management in the Aerospace and Automotive sector – how did I get here I hear you ask!

I stumbled into running the magazine with Gisella 10 years ago. I remember telling Gisella to ‘go for it’ despite her having a successful sales career working in advertising sales. Little did I know, at the time, that I would become a partner and an integral part of the business

My number one priority with the business is customer satisfaction, being in the advertising game I know that satisfied customers is our best source of advertisement. No two days are ever the same, I enjoy getting involved with all aspects of running the business

The best bits for me – hearing from customers that their advertising campaign has increased business.

Worst bits – trawling through the mountains of paperwork from our friends at HMRC!

Away from work I enjoy playing golf, watching golf and talking about golf (can’t understand why Gisella says I’m obsessed). My beloved football team is WBA, I tend not to mention this when meeting customers for the first time at it might affect business.

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